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Divide items evenly and update in groups

Hi All, 


I'm trying to get a workflow together that will query a large list of items, divide them evenly among a number of people that may vary (there is another list that sets a persons status as to whether they will receive anything that day) and "assign" the items to them.


I have a list workflow that assigns one item, then starts the workflow on the next item but that is taking forever. 


Is there a way to do it as a site workflow that will query all of items, divide them and only assign those to person one, then do the same for everyone else? 



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Re: Divide items evenly and update in groups

Tough one! Would something like this work?


ItemCollection = the items

ItemCount = the number of items in the collection

ItemIndex = pointer indicating which item is being handled

UnusedItem = variable that holds an item that won't be used

Item = variable that holds an item that will be used


UserCollection = the users


Set ItemIndex to 0 (the first item)


For Each Item in ItemCollection (sets UnusedItem; terminate if ItemIndex >= ItemCount)

  ForEach User in UserCollection (terminate if ItemIndex >= ItemCount)

    If ItemIndex < ItemCount

      Collection Operation > set Item = the item in ItemCollection at index "ItemIndex"
      Assign Item to User

      ItemIndex = ItemIndex + 1

  Next User

Next Item



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