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Display value based on day of week

Good evening all,

Brand new user of Nintex forms for my Sharepoint 2013 site. I am trying to create a form with a specific requirement and I need a little guidance.

I want the user to select up to 10 dates for their extra duty pay. If the date is a weekday, I want a calculated value of 16, and 24 if the date is a weekend. Finally, I want a total value.

I can do this in excel and probably figure it out in Javascript, but any help would be appreciated.

Thanks so much!

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Re: Display value based on day of week

you could design it as follows

- add a repeating section control on your form

- add a date control into repeating section and configure it some name, eg, DateCtrl. here will the user select a day which he/she wants to pay for

- add a calculated value control into repeating section. configure it's name, eg. DailyHours, and formula like

if(formatDate(DateCtrl,"dddd")=="Saturday" || formatDate(DateCtrl,"dddd")=="Sunday",24,16)

- add one another calculated value control on the form but out of repeating section and set its formula like


note to replace all the control names in formulas with their respective named control references

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