Group child records by their parent



I'm trying to group child records by their parent in a .PPT document. I can use SQOL to query to get the parent from the thild but this only lists either one group of child if i filter by <<parentId>> , or all children records in the template.


When I do a SOQL query to get children from the parent and make the row return as a table, it gives this error on save:


In the query, introduction custom object is the parent, selected offices is the child.



select id, Order__c, name, (SELECT Id, Name FROM Selected_Offices__r) from introduction__c where Related_Opportunity__c = '<<Opportunity_Id>>' and Include_in_Search_Report__c = true order by Order__c





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Nintex Drawloop Expert
Nintex Drawloop Expert

Re: Group child records by their parent

Hi AtlasCan - This was an issue in the LEDD interface before package 17.3. You can add the SOQL in the classic interface until you upgrade to the newest version.

This should get your DocGen package up and running. If you still run into issues will be happy to take a look.

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