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To-Do Task Missing Nintex O365 - Percentage Complete - Assign Task Action

Hi, I'm new to Nintex, sorry for this basic question.


I have a workflow involving a task element.  The outcome is not Approved/Rejected.  The task is simply a to-do task.  The SharePoint task list has an option for the user to enter a percentage complete value or alternatively update a status column - e.g. In Progress / Complete.  If 100% is entered in the Percent complete, then the status will auto update to 100%.


I understand that the 'To-do Task' action is not available for Nintex O365 unlike onPrem.  Therefore I followed a post elsewhere to create a content type with Outcomes.  The advice was to create a single outcome "Complete" but that doesn't make sense as the task could well be "In Progress"....  Therefore I added the standard outcomes - Not Started, In Progress, Complete, Canceled, On Hold.  I then customised the task form in Nintex and these outcomes are presented as radio buttons.  Is ok I guess, but the Percent complete field is missing that was present in the SharePoint Task item.  I guess I could add extra outcomes e.g. 25% Complete, 50% Complete, 75% Complete, 100% Complete.... seems messy.  I could also possibly add a Percent complete field and use a rule to set the value of the outcome choice somehow - however I'm using a responsive form...


Just wondering if anyone knows an easier way.  Thanks.

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Nintex Newbie

Re: To-Do Task Missing Nintex O365 - Percentage Complete - Assign Task Action

What are you really trying to achieve here? I'm not understanding why the current structure is not working for you. If the person didn't complete the task, they don't have to respond to it but can come back later and complete it. The workflow engine doesn't know the different between 25% 50% or 70%. It is binary and understand true or false. So if its 25% then it will see that as true and complete on the backend which I think does not solve what you are looking for. 


What's the point of percentage complete and how does that help your users do more without adding more work for them to do?

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