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Nintex Newbie

Terminate custom Component Workflow 0365

Hi, i have a Component workflow which retrieves metadata from a Flow. The Nintex Site WF gets all parameter and does all steps. The problem lies in following: 

After executing all actions, it still logs: "Sending output data to parent workflow. Unique ID: xy".

I'm trying to stop the workflow there and even use the "Terminate Current WF" Action. But the workflow still in pending. Any Suggestion or Solutions?

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Terminate custom Component Workflow 0365

So the workflow by default will send an updated status to whatever called it, whether it is Flow or another workflow or a REST call. You can't control this part as its part of the call and response to the call. 


If you have a site workflow performing some actions, just be sure that the workflow can complete correctly with no issues, then call it as you need. I wouldn't worry about the call back since you will have to set up output variables to handle that, and it doesn't seem like that's what you have done here. 

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