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State Machine steps over Component Workflow and goes to Next State

I was having issues with a For Each loop inside a branch of a State Machine where it would only run the Component Workflow once when I sent it to two values (countries).  Thought I would be clever and move the For Each loop down into the Component Workflow and parse the two values as a Collection variable.  Now I find the workflow just steps over the Component Workflow altogether and goes to the Next State without actioning the Site Workflow at all.  I checked the Site Workflows from Site Contents and found the Component Workflow just do not start. I am starting to think my variable is a) not being sent correctly or b) not setup correctly but I am not getting any errors.  I have pasted in the screenshot of the workflow branch and the log that was created by all the History logs I have to try and error trap my issue.  Any hints as to what I should try next.