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Loading Nintex office 365 form is taking more time for Repeating Section Controls & Calculation fields

Loading Nintex office 365 form is taking 40 to 50 seconds. We are facing crucial performance issue when the new form is opening.

we designed big nintex single form and we have 200+ List columns,200+ form rules,10+ Panels and 4 Repeating Control Sections.

The four repeating sections have each 30+ calculation and 1 or 2 dropdown controls.

Finally, we identified root cause of the issue is Loading Repeating section controls.

Tried Solution:

we have four check box for four repeating controls. Section A, Section B, Section C, Section D.

If check boxes is unchecked hided Repeating section via Rule. Still, form loading is taking time.

Identifed Issue:

we set Visible is No from Panel Appearance settings then the form loading time is reduced.

how can i set dynamic form run time value in the Panel Appearance expression value. ( Like check box clicked or check box unchecked events). Attached sample Screen Shot Here.

Please provide your valuable suggestion, It would help us to fix that performance issue.

Panel Hide or Show Expressions

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