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How to display a basket/catalog in a form?


I need to display a complex basket/catalog in a Nintex form. The source form is from Lotus Notes and must be re-created in SharePoint Online with Nintex. The Lotus Notes form:

Each product (the orange line in the screen shot above) has 4 fields : product name, a price, quantity and a sub total.

The price is calculated automatically according to the selected quantity.

At the bottom of the form, a global total field adds all sub total fields.

Do you have any idea of how to do that with Nintex Forms?

Thank you for your help.

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Workflow Hero

Re: How to display a basket/catalog in a form?

Hi Gael,

I've created a simple mock up of two of the line items in a Nintex form for you to become familiar with and import into your environment for trial. 

The section of the form with the Item/Quantity/SubTotal/Total section is a group of labels, single line text boxes and Calculated Value Controls.

The orange highlighted controls are labels, blue are single line text box, and green are calculated value controls. 

The Unit cost is a default value, that is set to read-only and a currency data type. The Quantity is a Single line text box that allows an integer data type. The Sub Total controls are Calculated Value controls that multiple the Qty and Unit Cost. 

Thank you,


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