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After my workflow finishes on edit item, i can't open the item anymore.

Message :

Invald entity: -1;#

If the problem persists, contact your support team with the following information:

Correlation ID:

Tenant ID:

Time (UTC):

If someone has any idea on where to investigate....

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Re: Invald entity

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Reason found....but no easy solution !

Context  :

- My workflow request a SETTINGS list, to get up to 14 consecutive approver form 14 fields (some of them can be empty)

- Those people are stored in 14 variables

- At the end of the workflow, my item is updated to receive the 14 variables in 14 people fields (concerned people OR null if variable is empty)

The problem occurs when some "people" variable stay empty, and  the item updated wit h this value : Form can't open anymore, cause "null value" seems to be different than "Nobody" in a people picker control !

I can't believe I will have to use 14 "Execute if" then "update item" to test if variable is not empty.....