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How to get more list data on a page

We have WebPart pages that have been migrated from SharePoint 2007 to SP 2016 that use Dataview web parts. We used these because they enable many rows of data to be presented to our users in a very compact format - a "master list". That list may have ~400 items, but is easily navigated by browser page search (Cntrl+F), column filtering, fuzzy search using parameters & text filter or scrolling through its predictable sort order. We hyperlink off those items to open a robust Nintex form which aggregates information from several lists with parent/child relationships to the controlling item. 


We are now tasked with moving to SharePoint Online and Modern Pages.  Modern list views use tons of page space and put white space between each row, even in "compact" viewing mode. Additional page customizations that we've implemented to promote ease of use and presentation will not longer be supported.  Form articles I've read, I am stuck with this out of the box behavior and presentation inefficiency.

The master list is dynamic. Users are able to add new items to the master list via Nintex workflow, so our future solution must be able to accept and display new items dynamically and hyperlink them to the item's display or edit form.


Looking for guidance to find the best solution.  What ways might I create and present a table of list data in a compact form to our end users?


Things I am considering or investigating:


1) Is there a way to port the DataView webparts as is? It would appear that Designer 2013 can work with SP Online, but we are maintaining our current system without a development staff, so this may not be optimal.

2) Can I present the entire master list as an embedded list within a single master form where I have more presentation control?

2) Can I update the contents of a wiki page via workflow (I think this answer is "no") to hold the master list there?

3) Are they any reasonably natural ways to clean up and tighten SharePoint presentation of list data (so far "no")

4) Do I simply force the user to filter the list before browsing it?

5) Could we manipulate an Excel workbook  -- seems clugey?

6) What other ways might I present a table of list data in a compact form to our end users?


If this question is best aimed at Microsoft, I will certainly understand. Thank you... 

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