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setting unique permissions on a library

I have created a Library as a Template which I use when creating sub-sites for our customers and then re-use the Library Template with Content.

I then have to set unique permissions each time on every sub-site I use this Library Template.

Is there a way of creating a workflow that will set the permissions levels for me as they are the same for each Template that I use.

I have 3 templates Libraries that I use for consistency 

Sales - has 18 permissions groups

Project - has 30 permissions groups

Customer Services - permissions yet to be defined

Thank you


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Re: setting unique permissions on a library

The only think I can think of to achieve this would be to use a REST call within the workflow to set the permissions. This is still tricky but may be the only way because the values have to exist at compile time to create the workflow and thus you run into issues trying to use the standard set permissions actions from Nintex.


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