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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

How to import a workflow to replace an existing workflow of the same name in NWC

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As you are working in NWC, you may find that there are occasions when you need to import a workflow with the same name as an existing workflow in your tenant. This may be due to a DevOps process where you are promoting workflows from a dev tenant to a production tenant, for example. As of today (10/15/2020), if you try to import a workflow key and provide the same workflow name as an existing workflow, you'll get the following message " A workflow with this name already exists." and you will be prevented from importing the workflow.




The workaround for this issue is to do the following:

  1. Click the import button
  2. Paste the workflow key
  3. Enter a temporary name for the workflow and click import
  4. Once the temporary workflow has been imported, open it in the designer
  5. Use the 'Save as' option to save the workflow
  6. On the save screen, in the workflow name field, replace the temporary name with the name of the existing workflow you are replacing.
  7. A message will appear below the workflow name field that says " A workflow with this name already exists. Overwrite existing workflow?"
  8. Click the toggle to approve overwriting the existing workflow then click save.
  9. This will create a new draft of the existing published workflow.
  10. Publish the draft to replace the currently published version of the workflow.
  11. Delete the temporary workflow.
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Re: How to import a workflow to replace an existing workflow of the same name in NWC

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Awesome stuff @Nintex_Andrea. Pretty cool that the Start Form URL doesn't change when using this method either!

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