Creating a new Dynamics 365 record and associating a file to the record...

Dear NWC Community:


It is indeed straightforward to create new records in Dynamics and new folders in OneDrive.  Here is the challenge:


I create a new record (Lead) in Dynamics

I use DocGen to create a file

I want to upload the file to a OneDrive folder linked to the Dynamics record.


It sounds simple, but turns out it is not...


After creating a new Lead for Jane Doe, it is assigned a uniqueID:



If I manually upload a file to the new record, Dynamics creates a new folder in the associated OneDrive folder with the following nomenclature:


Note that the file folder is created according to <First><space><Last><underscore><CRM ID>, however WITHOUT the uniqueID hyphens...


So how can I upload a file to a location that is associated with the newly created Dynamics record?


Thanks so much in advance for your help!


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