CAML Query List

Hi guys 

I have one sharepoint list at site A which has a unique id and the same unique id is present in other sharepoint site B at different location list called "Sys_id".

I want to bring the Go live date,"Status" value in site B, to site A list where  "Sys_id" = "Unique id" 

Site List A has fields  ID, Project Name , Status, Go live date

Site List B has fields  ID, Sys_ID, Project name , Status, Go live date

Trying to use "Query list" in nintex workflow..still no success



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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: CAML Query List

Hi @rj989 


If i understand correctly you are trying to find where id's match across different lists (lookup)? Firstly CAML is not a supported query language so you won't be able to use that. One way you might be able to solve this is by iterating through multiple loops, first query the items in the first list, then pass the ID of each item into the condition of a query across the second list and that you way the second loop will only return the item with matches the ID's. Hopefully this helps..


Cheers, Rick

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