Packaging and deployment steps for K2 for sharepoint

Hi All,


I have P&D experience with K2 blackpearl,K2 smartforms and K2 for VS2012 but when it comes to K2 for sharepoint(basic knowledge of sharepoint) ,I'm not able to make out how should I start taking a package from existing and deploy it to other servers.


Basicially they have a SP2013 which consists of sites,lists,libraries etc. and corresponding smartobjects,views and forms.And in workflows they have used smartform client events everywhere for taking actions(normally i have used simple client events in previous projects).


We have a single SP server and we are planing to clone all the sites,lists,libraries etc. in the same server.Then what are the next step that should be followed to have a replica of existing server.


Please guide me how to perform the same.I'm quite a fresher w.r.t. sharepoint but i do have a good experience with K2 tools.




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Re: Packaging and deployment steps for K2 for sharepoint

Hi Vishal,


When you working with K2 integration with SharePoint 2013, creating and deploying K2 artefacts dependent on SharePoint items, you should always be aware of what supported and what not suppported, say for instance if you are running on K2 for SharePoint 1.0.1 which is not supporting with building K2 artefacts for SharePoint lists having lookup columns, in this case you can create a packge, creating a packe will not have a problem, but when it comes to deploying the package to another environment you will have issues, thus i would suggest you to take a lokk at the below cheks before you go ahead with K2 for SharePoint artefacts deplyment;


1) What version of K2 are running? depending on that please go through what supported and not suppoted wiith K2 for SharePoint. Follow the below link


2) Make sure the SharePoint artefacts are pre available on the deploying environment which are simlar to environment from where you have built the package.



Hope the above checks would help you!



Prajwal Shambhu

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Re: Packaging and deployment steps for K2 for sharepoint

Building on what Prajwal in his second point. Here is also a list of Sharepoint artifacts and data values that you should make sure are set in the cloned environment before deploying your K2 package.


  • SharePoint container artifacts like Lists/Libraries/Groups/Sites
  • SharePoint content artifacts like List Items/Documents/Permissions
  • SmartObject Data
  • Reporting Data


Here is another useful piece of documentation that may help you.


Deploying Application Elements to a new Sharepoint Environment:




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