Object has been disconnected or does not exist on the server.

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There was a post a while ago about issues with custom code or web service calls within a process. These external calls are handled by the app domain with a default timeout period of 5 minutes. If the call takes longer than this, then the process with throw the following error:


Object '/[GUID]/[Random Characters].rem' has been disconnected or does not exist at the server.


In order for these processes to go through, a longer timeout will need to be set for the external app pool. An official walkthrough of how to do this is available here:


The only issue is that this article is a bit vague on the full steps, so I will give them here:

1. Stop the K2 blackpearl service
2. Edit K2Server.setup and change

<Remoting Enable="False" />


<Remoting Enable="True" />

3. Save the changes to K2Server.setup
4. Edit K2HostServer.exe.config
5. Scroll all the way down, and before </configuration>, add the following lines:

          <lifetime leaseTime="10M"

6. Save the changes, and start the K2 blackpearl service again.

I would suggest making a backup of your files before changing them.

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Re: Object has been disconnected or does not exist on the server.

Thank you Ian!

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