Automatically create work items in Azure DevOps

I'm looking for a way to get K2 to automatically create work items in Azure DevOps after a user submits a smartform.


The work item in Azure DevOps does not need to be assigned (but it would be nice if it could be).


How do I approach this? Would a lot of programming (e.g., .NET) be involved?


I'm using K2 4.7.


Thank you!

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Re: Automatically create work items in Azure DevOps

You can use K2's Rest Broker to talk to the Azure DevOps APIs. You can learn more about those APIs here:


MSFT most likely provides a swagger file to use, but that can cause a lot of noise. To get started, take a look at this KB article that will arm you with the knowledge to get started with the Rest, Swagger and the Rest Service Broker.

or if you want to jump right in to trying to create your own swagger with Rest United, check his KB out


It should be doabe, I haven't worked with the Azure DevOps APIs so I can't comment what nuances there may be with working with those APIs, but this should get you started.


Ping back if you have any questions.

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