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Leave Requests SmartStarter

K2 SmartStarters provide  preconfigured apps to streamline your processes,  built to help you work smarter and get business done faster .


Ensure compliance and eliminate manual errors with a leave request app that completely automates and manages your employees? requests for time off.


The leave request smartstarter enables users to complete a form to request various types of leave (all configurable) and route that request first to an HR role for approval and then ultimately their line manager for final approval. At either step the request can be Approved, Rejected or asked for additional Detail. The final step will be to notify the originator of the outcome of the request (either Approved or Rejected) and deduct the requested leave from the requestor?s balance. Requests are usually submitted by the employees themselves, but can also be submitted on their behalf.


SmartStarters are created on standard K2 artifacts and available to you to use as is or modify. Please Note: SmartStarters are only available to users with a valid K2 Portal account (customers or partners).


Please Click "Download All Files" to accept the EULA and access the Leave Requests SmartStarter download location and related documentation that explains how to set up and administer

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