Workflow Task SmartForm is missing!



I've inherited a workflow and associated smart forms to work on.  The flow and the smartforms are currently working but when I go to one of the tasks in the workflow there is no associated smart form, even though it is because the form opens!




I've added the form back in and configured it but now there's another oddity. The rule that opens the worklist item runs in the 'Initialize' event of my form but any rules placed after this rule won't run. If I disable this rule then any other rules will run in the 'Initialize' event.


The workflow was converted by hand from 4.7 to 5 by a colleague.


Any ideas as to what's going on?



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Re: Workflow Task SmartForm is missing!

In K2, objects are being referenced by their name and guid. For example, in a workflow, if you are referencing a form, the workflow definition will record down either the name, guid or both. That way when you open or run the workflow, it will know which form it is referencing.


My guess is the workflow designer is unable to recognize the form that the workflow is referencing. To determine if that is the case, you will need to inspect the workflow definition. If this is an issue for you, I will recommend logging a ticket with K2 Support.


As for the form rules, if you are able to reproduce this issue consistently, I will recommend logging a ticket with K2 Support as well to investigate this. Also make sure you have the latest Cumulative Update and Fix Pack applied. This issue may have already been fixed in the latest CU and FP.


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