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Is there a SmartObject that allows me to start a workflow and supply the ItemReferences XML as a parameter?



We have an issue where sometimes workflow instances error because K2 has not obtained the SmartObject Refrences properly. I can only imagine this is down to a performance glitch, as this does not happen all the time.

To Restart the Workflow the “Retry” or “Go To Activity” options do not work.


Current Resolution

When an workflow errors in this way, I have to get hold of the XML representation of the ItemReferences.

  • I obtain the ItemReferences XML by using the View Flow option, clicking on the Initial Start step, then I click on Data XML Audit.
  • I then manually edit it in NotePad++, filling in the missing ID elements that K2 failed to include for some reason

I then simply start a new Instance in K2 Management and copy the edited (but now correct) XML into

the ItemReferences field.



If there is a SmartObject that allows me to start a new Workflow Instance and pass in the ItemReferences as an XML field, I can create an Admin Form so when the issue occurs I can restart the workflow with one click (as I know the format of the XML and just need to insert IDs).

I’m hoping there must be as this is how the tool in K2 Management works


Additional Thought

I still think this is a bug in K2 - K2 should check that it has obtained the IDs from the Item References prior to starting a workflow. Regardless if there is a performance glitch or not.


K2 5.3 FP 23.




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Re: Start a Workflow - ItemReferences

Hi Conrad,

I have never come any complains about this. If this is bugging you, you can log a support ticket and get K2 Support involved.


FP23 is kind of outdated now. Have you tried applying the latest CU and FP and check if that resolves this issue?

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