Quick Question - Any way to add roles to Email step in workflow?

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For my task assigments I'm using roles for easier administration.


There are times where I want to send a message to the same recipients without assigning a task so I'm using the 'Email' step. Annoyingly it seems the recipient field on the 'Email' step doesn't allow selection of a role for receiving the message. 


This means if I want to add a user to receive a task and receive emails I'll need to add them to both the role, and hardcode them directly in the workflow. The other option is to configure a distribution group for the email side of things but it still means group administration needs to be done in 2 places. Workflow Roles and Distribution Groups. 


Is there any way of getting roles into the email step?


Also, I realise I can work around this by assigning a task with a notification and a very short expiry time but this seems like a really simple function that shouldn't require workarounds like this.

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Re: Quick Question - Any way to add roles to Email step in workflow?

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You can do this.  There are 3 system SmartObjects that start with "UM" as in User Manager and they're very handy for lots of things.  You'll find one called UMUser and it has a method called "Get Role Users" that can be used to resolve all members of arole.  Simply provide the name of the role and all members will be returned.  One of the properties returned is the email address.  You can use this SmartObject on the destination of your email.7166iCAECB37417B70A3A.png