List View Paging - Show total number of pages

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Looking for a way to display the total number of pages on a List View as well as a "last page button".  I see that there was a setting for older versions of K2, but not sure if this still applies?  Has anyone implemented this in the past and how much of a performance hit did you experience?


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Re: List View Paging - Show total number of pages


I believe this solution still works in 4.7.

"<add key="SmartObject.RuntimeListViewRowCount" value="true" />
SmartObject Execution Setting. Change the value to true if the Row Count should be enabled on List Views. If this setting is enabled, it will have an impact on performance. When using false as the value the last page button is removed and total page count is removed from the User Interface"

In K2 Five, it appears that their is an open idea for this:
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