Installing K2 Environment

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Hi guys,


I am installing a K2 Five environment to my team start taking courses and practice, so, we create a virtual machine to deploy it,

- Microsoft Windows Server 2016

And I am having some issues:

1. Cant create the site on IIS

2. During the installation, I am trying to connect K25 to SQL Server Express where I created a database with the according permissions to the user, but it don't set up the connection.


Could you help me?

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Re: Installing K2 Environment

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Hi I have seen the screenshot that you have attached, kindly ensure your machine is able to connect to the SQL DB that you trying to use. You can do a UDL test to check on this.


To check on the DB connection, you may do a UDL test from your K2 server.
The instructions can be found in the link below under "To Verify SQL Connectivity Using a UDL File"


Hope this helps


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Re: Installing K2 Environment

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Do i need to IIS before installing K2 Server ? Also Once installation is completed how did you do application pool
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Re: Installing K2 Environment

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You do need IIS, yes. The installation process will setup the application pool for you
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