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Update AD multiline attributes with K2 textarea control value


The StreetAddress value of a new AD User is updated using the "Update AD User" event in a workflow (Created in K2 studio) with a value from a TextArea control (K2 SmartForms).

After the update completed, the value of the street address in Active Directory was updated, but with no line breaks.


Reproduced the issue in a Test Environment. The issue occurs because K2 SmartForms does not make use of ?Carriage Return? and ?Line Feed? character together to indicate a new line, only the ?Line Feed? character is used in SmartForms. Active Directory though makes use of ?Carriage Return? and ?Line Feed? to indicate a new line.


As per our development team this related behaviour is per the design of the K2 Core Architecture.

A workaround was provided to replace the ?Line Feed? character (CHAR(10)) with ?Carriage Return? and ?Line Feed? characters (CHAR(13) and CHAR(10)) before passing the value to Active Directory.

The issue has been logged as a K2 enhancement requested.

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