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Single user unable to use K2 forms - choice and look up fields will not populate


Issue occurred on K2 Appit for SharePoint environment where users that were recently added to a group were unable to submit requests for appified lists.


This issue usually stems from the fact that the workflow that is tied to the list has to be deployed again once new users have been applied to a group. The reason for this is because the workflow configuration relies upon the group configuration prior to the change, when adding new users to a group the workflow is unaware of this and needs to be deployed again for the new users in the group to be able to access forms.


To remedy this issue:

1. Access the list / library that has been appified and is inaccessible.

2. On the list in question access List > K2 Application of the SharePoint page to access the artifacts page.

3. On the artifacts page access the workflow that needs to be deployed to update the changes made to the SharePoint group.

4. On the Workflow Designer, access File > Deploy to deploy the workflow.


After the workflow/s that contain the specific group in question have been deployed users should be able to access the K2 Forms without issue.


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