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Picker control not resolving


A SharePoint Picker Control is used to resolve AAD user and groups. When passing a Group Name to the Picker with 20 characters, the group will be resolved. When using a Group with 25 Characters, the group will not be resolved.


In a test environment, setting up an AAD group with 25+ character and passing the value to a Picker Control on a form was working correctly.

The client's Solution was available in a K2 Support test environment. To test, the affected Picker Control was deleted from the specific view. The Form rules that referenced the Picker Control was identified as they were in error due to the missing Picker Control.

The original View was restored so that the Picker Control was available again. Looking at the rules that were identified above, a configuration issue was identified.


The issue did not appear to be related to the number of characters in the Group name.

By looking at the rules that were referencing the Picker Control, it was found that a value passed to the Control had a Space " " character in front of the Text. By removing the Space, the correct value was passed to the Picker Control and was resolved succesfully.

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