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Dynamic Hyperlink Control


The question posed here has to deal specifically with configuring a hyperlink control to point to list items in a non-editable list view. What is being attempted is that a view has been created that lists all previously submitted items in a list, and at the end of each list item a hyperlink that will redirect to that specific list item.


While there is the ability to use a hyperlink control in a non-editable view to create a static value to link to, there is no way to set any rules to populate this control with the necessary data.


Although there isn't a way to create rules to populate a hyperlink control with data at runtime, there is a way to dynamically set this control to create links to each list item. To do this follow these steps:

1. In a List View, drag a hyperlink control onto the view.
2. Select the newly created column.
3. In the Properties of the control, find Expressions, click the ellipsis on this property to create a new expression.
4. In the "Select an Expression for the Hyperlink Control" wizard, click Add.
5. Name the new expression (for example "Hyperlink").
6. In the "Edit Expression" wizard, notice that there is an empty box in "Expression Details".
7. In the context browser, expand the view and expand the SmartObject tied to the view.
8. Find the "Link to Item" field, drag this into the empty box.
9. Click OK.
10. Click OK on the Expression Editor.
11. Finish and check in the view.

After this has been configured the hyperlink control should work as expected when running the view or form that the view resides in.

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