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How to rename forms in the Nintex Mobile application for ease of use


Users out in the field may submit the same form multiple times using Nintex Mobile in Offline mode and these forms will remain in the Outbox until the device is connected to a network.  If the user wants to go back and change a form it may be hard to find the correct one as they are all named the same name which by default is the forms name.  The same situation can occur for forms that are sitting in the Drafts folder of the Nintex Mobile application.  Nintex has released a feature that allows forms to be renamed.



1. Open a form on the app that you want to submit.
2. Complete at least one field.
3. Tap the close link.
4. Select Save Draft
At this time you will be presented with a box where you can name the Draft to what ever you want.
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Navigate to the drafts folder and continue with your form and submit.
The name entered will now appear for forms in the outbox in offline mode and in the Sent folder for submitted forms.


Additional Information

Currently this is the only way to rename a form in the Nintex Mobile application. A form cannot be renamed after it has been submitted.


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