Workflow Migration Preparation Tool - Initial Beta Release

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Products: Nintex Workflow 2010

Several requests have come through for locating workflows in an environment where an action is used that could potentially have hard coded credentials present. Typically users are encouraged to use Workflow Constants instead of hard coding credentials into a workflow however, sometimes a few workflows slip by. This can make for a tough time when it comes time to migrate to claims.

This migration preparation tool can assist with locating these workflows so that stakeholders can update their workflows to utilize Workflow Constants which are much easier to migrate.


  • Quickly and easily locate workflows using actions known to use credentials.
  • Provides meta data for each workflow (if available) so users can go directly to the workflow and update it.
  • Requires no configuration to run.

Planned Features

  • A port for SharePoint 2013/Nintex Workflow 2013 if there is any interest.

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