Validation Around Hidden Elements

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How to configure a Rules to only validate if controls are visible.


Nintex Forms Validation will still trigger on hidden form controls, even though the control(s) was not intended to be validated.


The below example shows a form with a Choice control used to show/hide a second panel. The second panel contains a Multi line text box that is required.


A formatting rule has been created, which is applied to the panel control:


Also, a Validation rule has been created to require data in the Multi text box:


If the user is not required to show the second panel and tries to submit the form, they will still see the Validation error:



The Validation rule will have to trigger if the required control is visible (in this case the panel) and the Multi line text box is blank:


The below form will show that only the required 'Test' field is needed to submit the form and that the Mult line text box validation is ignored:


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Nintex Newbie

This isn't working for me. My field that hides the the field I am requiring is in some cases and check box and in others a radio button - is that why? The field I am hiding is a single line of text. Sometimes it recognizes it as being required but doesn't recognize when it's completed. If it recognizes that it is required and recognizes it as completed it holds up other flows where the question is hidden.