Using the legacy People Picker control with Nintex Forms

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Newer versions of Nintex Forms* use the modern People Picker control by default.


*Used by Nintex Forms 2013 ( and higher) and Nintex Forms 2010 ( and higher).

You can import the legacy People Picker control for use with these versions of Nintex Forms: Nintex Forms 2013 ( and higher) and Nintex Forms 2010 ( and higher).


To import the legacy People Picker control

1.       On the Central Administration home page, click Nintex Forms Management.

2.       On the Nintex Forms Management page, click Manage Form Controls.

3.       Under the Form Control Types table, in the Import text box, enter the following text:
Nintex.Forms.SharePoint.FormControls.PeoplePickerFormControlV1, Nintex.Forms.SharePoint, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=c52d764dcf7ec883

4.       Click Import.

The control is now listed on the Manage Form Controls page and it is available in the Forms Control pane in the Nintex Forms Designer.

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How can the imported entry be removed again? And is it somehow possible to do this on a site collection level only?

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This post could not have been more helpful.  We were having major issues with our People Picker controls, in that they didn't at all work, and the 'Select People' dialog option in the legacy version saved the day.  Many thanks, @sean_fiene.

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There exists an article in the FormsSDK how to remove the FormControl again:


But this seems to be a copy&paste of the Add-Form-Article which doesn't fit to the existing parameters of the Remove-FormControl-Cmdlet. But it pushed me in the right direction to try it out.


To delete an existing FormControl, you have to do something like this in your PowerShell (at least for SharePoint 2016):


$guid = [System.Guid]::Parse("a0a89c70-0781-4bd4-8623-f73675005e12")

Remove-FormControl -Id $guid


The provided ID is the one, you can see behind the control in the Central Administration -> Nintex Administration -> Forms environment -> Form controls.


This removes the FormControl again from Central Administration and also the Legacy Controls-Section in the Forms designer.


But pay attention, it also removes the control from already existing and published Forms in the Designpane and SharePoint gives you a big error-message when calling 'New Item' in the respective list.