This feature is only available in Nintex Workflow Enterprise Edition - Enterprise Forms issue

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Applies to Nintex Forms Enterprise 2010 and Nintex Forms Enterprise 2013


In rare cases when you are applying an Enterprise key to your Nintex Forms you see this error: “This feature is only available in Nintex Workflow Enterprise Edition”.


The cause of the issue is a piece of vestigial code present in the Nintex Forms product since its first release around licensing. When the product doesn’t recognize the license type, like our previous versions of Forms not recognizing the new Enterprise licenses, it defaults to this code and displays the Nintex Workflow Enterprise error message.  Unfortunately as this code is in all builds of Forms already, there is no way of easily patching the issue without upgrading to latest version of Forms.


You will need to take the following steps to get the feature to be added to Central Admin and resolve the license issue. This does mean that you will have to upgrade Forms on your Farm to the latest version.

To use a Nintex Forms Enterprise license, you must be on Nintex Forms 2010 1.9 or Nintex Forms 2013 2.7 or greater.

Please Note: The International versions of Nintex Forms Enterprise is not yet available. We are currently working on this and hope to have it in the near future.

How to upgrade to Enterprise Forms:

  1. Contact Nintex at to obtain a temporary Forms Standard License and new Forms Enterprise Forms license.
  2. Import the Standard License in Central Administration.
  3. Performs an IIS Reset.
  4. Upgrade to either Nintex Forms 2010 1.9 +  / Nintex Forms 2013 2.7 +.
  5. Once the latest version has successfully been installed, import the NEW Enterprise Forms License.
  6. Perform final IIS Reset, this is the 2nd one in this process.
  7. Enterprise Forms functionality should now be enabled in Central Admin and no license error.