Power Nintex Workflow Cloud workflows with Public Forms

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How many times have you thought to yourself... "Gee... wouldn't it be great if I could quickly and easily collect metadata from users on the web to use in my workflow?"  

But, the problem is, getting a form built and then placed outside of your corporate firewall is something that is usually not a quick or easy thing to do. Well, the good news is that it this can in fact be done automatically (which means not only quick but incredibly easy too!) with Nintex Workflow Cloud (NWC)!

So, let's walk through how this is done...

A workflow designer has the ability to select the Nintex option from the Connector selection inside of the Start event configuration dialog in NWC:

Here, a workflow designer can define variables (to collect the metadata input into our anonymous web form) and upon publishing of the workflow, NWC will go ahead and auto-generate an attractive form and publish it to the cloud.

Image of URL dialog

Then you can simply share the link to the form and whenever someone completes this form and the variables will be passed along to your NWC workflow.

It's so easy, anyone can do it! Now I'll let your imaginations run wild with scenarios (like sales lead collection, customer satisfaction and feedback collection and many more!) where this could be incredibly helpful.

Please try out my demo form for yourself by following the shortened URL below. Also, fear not, I won't actually be following up with you. The Boolean field is just there to spice things up a bit!


This NWC Public Form will kick off a very simple* workflow that sends you (if you use a valid address) the below email with your form data:

Now that is pretty powerful stuff!

For additional information on using NWC's Public Forms feature, please check out these helpful links:

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*Nintex Workflow Cloud Overview (short video from our Ryan Duguid that coveres the sophisticated scenarios you can address with NWC!)

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