Nintex Mobile just got that little bit smarter..

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Now how can I just say that without giving you a perfectly good reason as to why ?? 


To explain how and why Nintex Mobile just got a little smarter, let me take a few steps backwards and explain how it worked in the past in very basic terms. 

When Nintex Mobile establishes a valid Internet connection, it would immediately submit any queued forms/tasks. This method was problematic however, as VPNs act in a similar way, where a valid internet connection needs to be established first and then the VPN could establish itself..  This became quite evident with customers who were regularly working with the offline capabilities of Nintex Mobile. Whether the forms were being submitted deep in a mine shaft, or in a "no cell / wifi" restricted area. When the user was back in area where they could get signal there could exist a moment when the Internet was up and for a second or so and the VPN was not. If Nintex Mobile submitted the forms / tasks before the VPN they would fall into error, due to the VPN not being established.. 

Now regardless of whether you are in the mining, military, aviation, health or any other industry that relies on offline data submission. Improving on the offline capabilities continues to be one of the most requested and sought out features of Nintex Mobile. With this is mind, we have made some improvements to the connection algorithm in the latest version of Nintex Mobile. We have called these improvements, Smart Connect. Smart Connect will now verify that the VPN is up before allowing Nintex Mobile to submit any forms / tasks back to the end point whether that is SharePoint, SharePoint Online or Nintex Workflow Cloud.


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