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Hello there!

I wanted to share some (hopefully) inspiring and thought provoking ideas. I was recently playing board games (Guess Who) with my kids and got to thinking, "How cool would it be to play a game, but using Nintex!?!? I could make a form that allows the user to pick questions from a drop down and then submit to a workflow and use a list to hold the features of all the characters...I should use the people on my team as the characters!!!!" ...and I got wayyy to excited over this  and dove into the form designer.

So what do we do when this happens? Take a breath, and a step back. Start with the basics and build up. You can't start building the penthouse if the foundation isn't poured. 

I landed on Tic-Tac-Toe, and not Guess Who, because it is a much more simplistic game and does not require too much to get it up and running. Also, there are some points functionality that can be used elsewhere. I kept the game to a single form to highlight just how simple and easy it can be to do something completely different that it's intended use. I am sure that Euan Gamble‌ and crew did not think of a gaming platform while considering what features will or would not be added

Yet that is how the business world works! We take a core concept and then mold it into what we need it to do. There is no "one-size-fits-all", but if we understand the capabilities of the tools that we have at our disposal, we can certainly build anything. But what else can we create and build with Nintex? I have a slew of ideas for games, but I want to know what others have thought of doing.

The Game

I used JavaScripting to do the heavy lifting and some CSS to help out.

Big shout-out to Sean Fiene‌ for the assist with the JS as it reminded me to slow down and take a step back!

Attached you will find the .nfp file for the form, simply create a new list, import this form, publish it and you are good to go!

***Please keep in mind that this is for Office365 and the JavaScripting could use some cleaning up (I am sure someone can do it better ). I am working on getting it into 2010, will post it here once I get a chance to move it over.