Nintex Forms - File Attachment Validation Settings

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I had a co-worker ask if it was possible to restrict list file attachments to just PDF files. After a quick review of the attachment settings in Nintex Forms Designer O365 I was pleased to report the answer as Yes, and so much more! Here is what I discovered about the Nintex Forms file attachment validation settings.

Below are the default settings of the attachment validation section.


Minimum Attachments

Use the Minimum attachments field to specify whether a file attachment is required or not. A value of 0 in the field indicates that file attachments are not required. A value of 1 or more indicates that an attachment is required. Note: Nintex Forms will automatically add the red asterisk (*) to the label when the value of the Minimum attachments field is set to 1 or more.


Minimum Attachments Error Message

You can provide a customized error message to appear if the form is submitted with less than the required number of attached files.

Maximum Attachment Setting

You can specify the maximum number of files to attach to the form. The default drop down is set to unlimited. If you change it to custom, the Maximum attachments field will appear and is set to 100 by default.


Allowed File Formats

The Allowed file formats field is the one that addresses my co-workers question about restricting file attachments to only PFDs. Enter the file extension for every file type you want to accept in this field. Each file type must be on a separate line.


Disallowed File Format Error Message

You can specify a customized error message if a disallowed file is attached. Below is what the validation message looks like in Nintex Forms for O365.


My co-worker was pleased with the numerous file attachment validations options that Nintex Forms offers.