New on Connect - Personal Insights!

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Your profile is about to get addictive...

The latest update to our community platform gives you a snapshot of your impact on the community.  You now have a graph of your most popular content, your contribution trends, personal reach and an idea of the sentiment of your contributions.  It's on your profile page.

Visit your profile (Avatar > View profile) and after you're doing enjoying the new look (covered in: New on Connect: Your Profile ), and click "Insights."


Here's an example of what you will see:


Here are the insights:

Reach, Impact and Sentiment

The reach, impact and sentiment metrics give you an understanding of your personal reach, your impact on the community based on your content and the kind of sentiment your content has generated. These three metrics combined provides users with excellent visibility into your impact on the community.

Social Graph and Profile Type

Personal insights gives you the ability to understand you social graph in terms on interactions that you have had with different people.

Additionally, you get an understanding of your profile type based on your contributions.

Personal Impact

The personal impact aspect of the insights page gives you an understanding of how your contributions trended over the past twelve months and the the impact you have made on the community. This graph allows you to understand your monthly contribution trends.

Popular Content

Finally, the top content gives you insight to your top 20 content items by Views, Comments Likes or Shares. Click on any of the metrics names to get your top content by the selected metric.

If you want to make these metrics change - get involved!  The more you post blogs, as long as they're well-liked by the community, the greater your impact!  The more you comment and earn kudos from community members, the more your impact will be recognized!

Automation Master
Automation Master

Thanks Frank Field​ – I just stumbled across the new profile user-experience and am really liking the insights feature!

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Glad you like it, Patrick Abel​! I thought people would enjoying seeing this info. I'm still delving into the Jive world to learn about the algorithms that lead to this data. But regardless of what I find out, it's interesting to have this and track what our individual impact is on the community.  Enjoy!

Automation Master
Automation Master

Does the updated profile offer any shortcuts for posting to "what's going on?" I often stumble through News > All Activity to find this feature!

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Automation Master

"Sentiment: Exceptional"

Well, thank you, Nintex Community. I didn't know you felt that way about me. I like you, too.

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Hi, Patrick Abel​,

You can see YOUR activity in one feed by clicking "activity" in your profile. If you want to know "what's going on" throughout the community, you are correct, visit "news" on the homepage.  I hope that's helpful.

Side note:  I love your profile banner, and I think you really "get" how a Partner can present him/her-self to the end-users professionally.  You've raised your status high on the leader board and you are active to the point people likely put a lot of stock in your contributions here (your personal insights page will tell you a little about that and only you can see it).  In other words, TEXTBOOK way to take advantage of community to build brand while helping others. THAT is what I love about community and I love seeing you doing it. Great stuff! Thank you!

Automation Master
Automation Master

I think Patrick Abel​ is talking about status updates right? If so I don't think it is any easier to change your status Unfortunately unless i am missing something

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Ah, I misunderstood. Correct, you still have to navigate to your News link to find your status update.

Nintex Newbie

Outstanding!!! I absolutely love the metrics!!! It gives you a quick glance on how you're affecting the community. I'm glad to see I'm of some use. Great idea Frank!!!