March Mission: How Would You Use Nintex Workflow Cloud?

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march17 badgeThis month, we're giving you an opportunity to impact the development of our Nintex Workflow Cloud platform!

And all you have to do is tell us how you'd use it.

The mission has three parts.  You get 50 points for posting a reply with an answer to each below:

  1. What specific Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) do you want to connect to? Tell us the name of the ERP vendor, and version if you can.
  2. What scenarios would you create? In other words, tell us what business processes are you trying to automate.
  3. What actions and events would you want to accomplish your process?  Nintex Workflow Cloud is still being built. If you tell us what workflow actions you need to address your scenarios, we can put them in the queue for development!

That's it!  Our product managers are excited to learn what you want!

For background, visit the Nintex Workflow Cloud‌ space.  You'll find an overview video. And if you visit the "how-to" page there, you'll find four more videos showing you how to create various workflows.

To see some scenarios we've already provided, see these:

Create your own approval and routing workflow with Nintex Workflow Cloud and a file share 

Create your own contract approval workflow with Nintex Workflow Cloud, the Branch by Value action an... 

Many thanks to the tremendous response to our February 2017 Mission: Real World Solution‌!  The badges and points will be rewarded for that soon!