March Mission - Have 5 responses marked as correct

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Last month we ran something slightly different by holding a new quiz question each week, I've written a February Mission Wrap Up 2015 in case you missed any of the questions.

This month we're back at a whole month focussed mission. Your mission this month round is to have 5 of your responses within the community marked as correct. Complete the mission and win an extra 300 points

So if you've responded to a question, follow up and see if you helped that person out! And if you're the person asking the quesiton, and one of the community members has answered it, make sure you give them the credit by marking their answer as correct. This way you'll recognise them for their knowledge and help, as well as assisting the rest of the community when they have a similar question!

How do you find these unanswered questions?

Well for one, you can have a look at any of the forums in the discussion spaces:

Getting Started‌‌

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Dev Talk


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Otherwise those unanswered questions are all bundled up in the Unanswered Questions space.

Good luck all!

Nintex Newbie

That's a tough mission, in my experience...

Nintex Newbie

Alexey, I so agree with you....not like people are posting easy questions out here either. 

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We did pick a tough one this month! You'll get a mix throughout the year 🙂 
Nintex Newbie


I think getting five right will be a highlight of my career :-).  On to answering more questions and I'm sure we are up for the challenge.

Nintex Newbie

This one is definitely tough!