How to create a Workflow Support Package

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You can create Workflow Support Packages so as to get information about some trouble you have had on a workflow instance to analyze it or to be sent to Ask Support when you create a ticket with some issue.

You can find that option on Sharepoint Central Administration on the "Nintex Workflow Management" section. There, you 'll find the option "Nintex Workflow support Console".

You can use this page to monitor workflow errors on this server farm and create support packages for troubleshooting.

On that page you will see a list of workflow instances with error with a link that says "Create Workflow Support Package"

So you can click there and then you will see that a .zip file is created and ready to be downloaded containing the following files:

Here below is an extract from the Nintex Help File.

Support packages

Support packages are used to collect key diagnostic information about Nintex products and their configuration for troubleshooting purposes.

Note: Support package information may include configuration information about the SharePoint farm, Nintex products including license details, workflow designs, workflow configuration, and log extracts. Please consider the contents of each support package carefully before passing to a third party.

Support package types

The following types of support packages are available:

    • Farm support packages
    • Workflow support packages

Each support package type contains the following information.


Farm support package

Workflow support package

SharePoint farm



​Nintex configuration



​ULS logs



​Workflow instance


Support package contents

The contents of a support package depends on the support package type.

SharePoint farm information

The SharePoint farm information contains the following data:

    • SharePoint database information
    • Email configuration including incoming and outgoing
    • Alternate access mapping information
    • Servers within the farm
    • SharePoint products installed, including patch levels
    • SharePoint services status
    • Farm feature status
    • Farm solutions installed and deployment status

Nintex configuration information

          The Nintex configuration information contains the following data:

    • Nintex Workflow global settings information
    • LazyApproval Settings
    • Nintex database configuration and mapping information
    • Nintex Live information
    • Nintex Form information
    • Nintex workflow for Project Server information
    • Nintex license information

ULS log information

The ULS log information contains a time-bound extract of the farm ULS Logs for each server within the farm as logged via SharePoint.

  • For farm support packages, the extract covers the last hour.
  • For workflow support packages, the extract covers the duration of the workflow, up to a maximum of five minutes.

The level of detail in the ULS logs is determined by the farm logging configuration in SharePoint.

Workflow instance information

The workflow instance information contains the following data:

  • The workflow design as exported from the designer (the .nwf file)
  • The workflow history for the specific workflow instance
  • The compiled workflow code as used by the workflow engine
  • Verbose logging information, if that feature is enabled within Nintex Workflow