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Here at Nintex we like to make life nice and easy for our users and those new to Nintex Workflow (2010 & 2013). This month is a new feature to help you workflow admins see exactly what's going on with all your lovely Nintex Workflows with the introduction of Workflow Inventory. You will need the appropriate administration access to access the different views.

What Is It?

Workflow Inventory is a Site Setting area which will lay out in detail all the List and Site Workflows published to that Site, all sites in a Site Collection or all Sites in the Farm;  providing in an easy to understand list of the following information -

  • Site Collection (Farm view - Workflow Enterprise)
  • Site Name (Site Collection inventory view - Workflow Enterprise )
  • List Name (with a hyperlink to navigate to that list)
  • Workflow Name (with a hyperlink to navigate to the workflow)
  • Workflow Type - list, site and reusable templates (and for Nintex for Projects Server those workflow types as well).
  • Modified By
  • Modified date / time
  • Published version #
  • Last Saved version #
  • Last Run Time
  • Delete option


If you're a bit overloaded with the above information you can Modify view to toggle the columns on / off to tidy the view up to your personal preference. Also columns can be sorted or filtered.


We have also included a very handy Export table to CSV option which extends the information detail to include -

  • Site Collection URL
  • Web Application ID
  • Site ID
  • Web URL
  • Workflow URL
  • Workflow ID
  • LIst ID
  • List URL
  • Last Modified in Days
  • Last Run in Days

The final two being helpful audit options to see which workflows may no longer be required.

Drill down one level by clicking a Workflow link and you're presented with a graphical view of the workflow and some configuration options within the breadcrumb -

  • Export Workflow (same behaviour as within the designer, just nice and quick)
  • Edit Workflow (as it says on the tin, straight into the designer canvas)
  • View Statistics (Duration stats, errors, completed, in progress holistically and by individual action)
  • View History (Running, Completed, Cancelled / Errored workflows)
  • Workflow Schedules
  • Manage External Start (NW2013 Site Workflows only)

Where can I find it?

Currently available for On Premise Nintex Workflow, the Workflow Inventory can be accessed via - Site Settings - Workflow Inventory

Or Site Actions - Nintex Workflow 2013 - Manage Workflows

From within a List / Library - Workflow Settings ribbon button - Manage Workflows with Nintex Workflow.

From the top level site in a Site collection by clicking on the View workflows for entire site collection link (available if the user has Site collection administration rights).


From within SharePoint Central Administration - Nintex Workflow Management - Workflow Inventory. Here you'll see the Farm Workflow Inventory

Workflow Inventory will be available when you update to the latest On Premise Nintex Workflow version.


Automation Master
Automation Master

This will be very helpful!  Great job guys.

Nintex Newbie

How can  i see the unpublished workflow?

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Hendy, any unpublished workflows will also appear here with a 0.x number in the Last Saved Version column.

Nintex Newbie


I have a workflow that has been published, the number should be 1.0 right? and now im unpublish the workflow the number is not change to 0.x, its still 1.0, the problem is, I have published and unpublished several workflow in one document library. so its hard to see which is the unpublished one.

Not applicable

If you not have full rights on the site permissions, you get an error message when opening the Workflow inventory?

Which permission do you need? My workflow Designers have only limited rights on the site, but they have full rights on Nintex. Who can help?

The User Need --> Manage Permissions  -  Create and change permission levels on the Web site and assign permissions to users and Groups.

But why?

Design Dabbler

If anyone else would like to have the description-column in the view/csv export, please upvote this feature request: description – Customer Feedback for Nintex

Nintex Newbie

Same issue. Looks like it's not possible to differentiate unpublished workflow when they have been published once. Previous section was great! Please restore it. Alternativelly a column showing published/unpublished could be used as filter.