Blue Ribbon Group Launches in Connect

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blueribbon4.pngIf you're cruising through the community, and you see a little blue ribbon next to someone's name, they're pretty special around here.

No, it doesn't mean they won a prize at a county fair or finished first in a local race.

The blue ribbon signified that person as a member of the Nintex Connect "Blue Ribbon Group."  It's a baker's dozen of active, trusted, experienced Connect members who will take on a few extra roles in the community.  If you see that person respond to a question, you know they're a trusted source of information, and they have a great deal of experience with Nintex products.

They've agreed to do a number of extra things in the community.  They'll be helping new members, answering questions, sharing their proven approaches, and providing feedback to Nintex on the community.

In an effort to make an immediate impact on the community, their first big job will be hunting down correct answers and marking them as correct. This helps the answers show up in search, and can help knock down the number of repeat questions asked.  That makes the community more useful for everyone. So, if you ask a question and forget to come back and mark an answer correct, don't be surprised if one of them does it for you after a few days.  It's in the name of closing the circle on questions so that people can find the solutions they need.

There'll be other initiatives. But for now, my heartfelt thanks to the following introductory members of the Blue Ribbon Group!

Look up their profiles. Check out their backgrounds. You can @-mention them in threads. And "follow" them in the community. I believe they're going to have a great impact!

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Nintex Newbie

Many thanks to the Blue Ribboners for all they've shared and their new efforts!