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Day 4 - Microsoft Ignite

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee
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More about Teams Connector

The connectors for Teams inside of Nintex Workflow Cloud (NWC) were made live this week.  It was fun to show off these connectors today now that they are officially live.  Today we discussed a lot of different use cases around the use of the Teams connectors.  

  • Enhance the process around creating Teams
  • Governance around closing down teams or even archiving them
  • Integrate forms or Promapp Maps into Teams
  • Control the creation of Teams
  • Clone Teams
  • The ideas keep coming..............


Making Connections

Friends.jpgOn day 4 I spent a lot of time talking to partners, clients and random folks.  I think as the week has progressed, the conversations get better and better.  Now that everyone is comfortable with the exhibit hall and session layout attendees are spending more time connecting with each other.  A lot of the first few days is getting settled in.  I had a lot of conversations today about solutions and connecting business needs to the technology.  That is truly what this is all about.






The Food!!

All week I've commented on the technology and conversations, but have yet to talk about the food.  To me, the food can make or break an event experience.  The week started out with a decent box lunch on Day 1.  By Day 2, Microsoft started to step it up for the remainder of the week.  I was pleasantly surprised for day 2, 3 and 4.  



I keep a list of interesting things I hear throughout the week that I need to follow up on.  This week the list was fairly long.  Tons of information has been made available.  I'll be spending pockets of time over the next few weeks watching video's of sessions I didn't make it too, understanding new product announcements and connecting more with new friends that I have met.