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Day 1 - Microsoft Ignite 2019

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee
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Day 1 of the Microsoft Ignite Conference was a very busy day.  The morning started out first thing with the Keynote.  I chose to view it from The Hub and see it broadcast on onMicrosoftSign.jpge of the theatre areas.  Tons of great content and several announcements.  Below are a few that I took note of.

  • Project Cortex - Classifying content in Office 365
  • Updated Microsoft Edge
  • Power Automate - re-branded Flow + RPA capabilities
  • Azure Arc - Azure management on other clouds
  • Azure Synapse Analytics

I'll be interested to learn more throughout the week.



Following the keynote, I am always interested in the pace and tempo that carries over into the day.  Today did not disappoint.  I spent the majority of the day at the Nintex Booth, #2449.  One of the my favorite parts of the week at Ignite is spending time with partners, customers and random folks who love technology.  I was fortunate enough to demonstrate the Nintex Suite of tools a good bit over the course of the day.  One minute we might be talking to an existing customer and how they are using the tool to automate processes, and the next we are speaking to someone who has never heard of Nintex.  The platform at Nintex continues to grow and expand every year.  I love updating everyone at these events on what is new, what has change and the direction we are headed.  


Conference SWAG

One of the entertaining things about every conference are the giveaways and prizes thatCharger.jpg you see.  Nintex did not disappoint in 2019 for Ignite.  Visitors were treated to 1 of 3 main prizes and a chance at 1 major experience.

  1. Charging Adapter
  2. Pop Socket
  3. Kickstand.jpgPhone KickstandPopSocket.jpg

Two winners today won a 30 minute helicopter ride over Orlando for themselves and 1 guest.  We'll be giving these rides away every day, so make sure to stop by the slot machine and pull the handle for a chance to win.  


The Nintex Team

I am very fortunate to work with a bunch of great colleagues who are all excited about technology and automating processes.  One of the unique things about an event like this, is getting so many knowledgeable people together to share ideas and solutions.  If you are interested mapping process, automating process, and even optimizing process, swing by the Nintex booth and have a chat.  You'll find a bunch of friendly faces who love to share stories and hear what you are interested in.Staff.jpg