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Xtensions: Connectors - The Basics

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee
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The Nintex Xtensions framework will allow developers to build custom connectors, using their own preferred code and development environment. Developers will be able to integrate any functionality that is accessible via a REST web call, through secure connection (HTTPS), in the Nintex Cloud Workflow Designer. Using tools like Windows Azure Serverless functions or Amazon Web Services, developers will be able to make their custom connectors available to workflow designers in their Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant.


To add a connector to your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant, follow these steps:


Note: In order to access Xtensions within Nintex Workflow Cloud, a user will need to have the Developer role assigned.


  1. Open your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant, and then click Xtensions in the dashboard (left pane).
  2. Click on the icon-addition to insert a custom connector.
  3. Copy
  4. Insert the copied link into the Swagger URL input field
    1. This is an Open API definition document in a JSON format. Open API, which started out as Swagger, is a standard, non-language specific description for APIs. The standard allows both users and software applications to discover and understand the capabilities of a web service without access to the source code, documentation, or network traffic introspect.
  5. Click Next
  6. Select Security: None
  7. Click Next
  8. In Name, enter QuickStart
  9. In Description, enter This is how quickly you can add a custom connector in Nintex Workflow Cloud
  10. Choose an icon.
  11. Click Publish


You have just added your first custom connector in Nintex Workflow Cloud!


To see your newly added action in Nintex Workflow Cloud, create a new workflow, scroll down the action pane, locate QuickStart, and drag the action onto the designer canvas. 


Note: For more information on Open API/Swagger, please view the following resources:

What is Swagger and Why it Matters

Starting Swagger Development

Swagger Editor

Generate Swagger Definitions

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Community Manager


Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Thank you Sean for this great instruction/ step by step guide. Very helpful!