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What’s It Like to Be Nintex Connect Community Manager?

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Every night, Technical Community Manager Frank Field logs onto Nintex Connect before heading to bed and opens up a tab for everything posted since he last visited – new blog posts, new queries, new responses to questions.

When he arrives in the Nintex office each morning, he does the same thing – reviewing anything new. With 8,731 active Nintex Connect users, that task can take two to three hours but Frank considers it invaluable to managing the Nintex Connect community site.

Plus, he loves the jolt of satisfaction he gets from seeing how involved people are in the Nintex community.

“It’s immensely gratifying to come into work and open up 50 bazillion tabs,” Frank says. “I look at everything. I want to know what’s happening in the community. Members make our community vibrant. And it’s a really vibrant community.”

January 25 is Community Manager Appreciation Day. This makes it the perfect time to take you behind the scenes of the Nintex Connect community site. It’s also an ideal time to share our appreciation for the fantastic job that Frank does managing the site.

Read What’s It Like to Be Nintex Connect Community Manager on the Nintex Blog for the scoop on what it’s like running Nintex Connect and to read what some of your fellow community members think of Frank.

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