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Value from calculated filed transfer to single line of text

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Hello Everybody,

In calculated field have formula "userProfileLookup(Current User,"PreferredName")" is it possible to somehow transfer this information to field Single Line Textbox.

I already try to set this same connected field also make this solution  

but it doesn't collect any data to this field.

Is it some different solution for this ?

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Workflow Hero

Hi Tobiasz,

no, this is not different.

  1. Basically you have to setup your calculated field with your formular first and make sure the calculated field is displaying your value correct.
  2. Next you assign the client-id of the single-text-bod to a variable. I called my variable "titleCtl".
  3. Now you add some javascript to the form (via the custom-javascript section in the form-settings)
    function UpdateTextBox(inpval){
    NWF$('#' + titleCtl ).val(inpval);
    return inpval;

  4. Last step is to update the formula to "UpdateTextBox(userProfileLookup(Current User,"PreferredName"))"

Now you should be ready to test your form.