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Top 5 mistakes people made with Nintex Workflows in 2014

Nintex Newbie
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Hello fellow Nintexers.  This is my Happy New Year post and why not bring it in with some humor?

If you're like me, and enjoy working with others, then Nintex is one of the best tools to use for organization using SharePoint.  After a fantastic year with several clients, I decided to go back through my projects and help tickets to see what were the top 5 things I saw being done wrong with Nintex.  Its definitely not comprehensive, but it can help shed light on things you should probably avoid if at all possible.

So without any further waiting, click on the attachment below.  Each mistake includes a tip to help to prevent it or avoid it if at all possible.

Oh and because this is not comprehensive, share things you've seen and maybe we can build an even bigger list for people to avoid in 2015 (yes this is repeated in the presentation for emphasis).