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Speeding toward "correct answers." More points for marking!

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Starting now through October 31st, I'm going to try to hit the gas pedal and speed toward marking answers correct.

If you've asked a question in the community, maybe you've noticed this little icon on the replies?  

mark correct button

Well, just to experiment with increasing the incentive to mark it, I'm raising the value of the points you get for clicking the button.  Typically marking a correct answer gets you 15 points and having your answer marked correct earns you 20. 

I'm doubling that for the rest of the month.

It's just a little test drive to see how raising points affects the rate at which we get correct answers marked as such. It doesn't mean we'll suddenly have more correct answers.  I suspect we have some questions that were answered a long time ago and the person who asked never bothered to click the button.


Well, if that's you, would you be so kind as to mark it? It's good for the person who answered because they'll see their status rise along with their position on the homepage leadersboard.

But it's also good for everyone in the community who searches for topics and finds that their topic has received an acceptable answer.

Thank you!