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Office 365 - Get Tenant ID

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As part of obtaining a license for Nintex Workflow and Forms for Office 365 you (or your customer) will have to provide Nintex with the Office 365 tenant ID. There is two options to find the tenant ID:

  1. Run a PowerShell script
  2. Check within the Nintex apps

Option 1 might be a bit too difficult unless you are happy to work with PowerShell AND have the appropriate permissions.

Option 2 on the other hand is rather easy:

  1. If you haven't dont so already, install the Nintex Workflow app from the SharePoint App store
  2. Navigate to any list or library within the site you just installed the app in
  3. Click on "Nintex Workflow" within the "List Tab" in the ribbon bar
  4. The workflow designer will now open. Expand the drop down under "Help" and select "About"
  5. The next screen will provide you with the ID of your tenant

For those of you who have access to Nintex Forms for Office 365, it works exactly the same way there.

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Additionally you can find you tenant ID without using the Nintex Product. Simply navigate to your Site Settings then "Site App Permissions" and inside there will be listed an App Identifier that will include you Tenant ID.

Here you can see the tenant ID is listed for each app. Everything after the "@" sign will be your tenant ID


As you can see this matches the tenant ID listed under help:


This should help when you have not already installed the Nintex product and still need the tenant ID.


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thanks Andrew, was going to update my post this week to add that piece

Nintex Newbie

The option to find the Tenant ID has been replaced. It is now Under Information > About